Tell us about True Health MD, what is your business concept and model?

The True Health MD concept has been to create peer reviewed educational material for the office based healthcare provider. The concept is to free up providers from time consuming education and to allow for the delivery of easily understood medical education to the patient in the office setting which is consistent and current.

Who is your customer?

Initially it is a provider subscription customer. We will build on it by contracting with HMO/MSOs and ACOs on behalf of their patients.

How will your customer use your product?

For the provider, the instructional video will stream in from our secure database. Patients will view at an office visit per their provider’s recommendation. The provider will then be able to leave the room for the 3-5 minutes and complete other tasks. The patient will then be able to ask more specific questions when the provider returns based on the content they have just viewed.

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Don’t you think patients will be concerned that the provider is not spending time with them by giving them a video to watch instead?

I think the patient will welcome this in two ways. The younger population is internet savvy and based. This will be an extension of how they receive much of their information. The rest of the population will welcome this as it is consistently, worded to be easily understood and in a pace that does not feel rushed.

Patients often complain that their providers don’t explain anything, this will be much more than they have gotten in a providers office before. Additionally, the provider comes back for additional questions and their visit appears much longer.

What types of video titles are you creating?

We are compiling the most common seen diagnosis in primary care and are concentrating on that for now. Eventually we will create subspecialty videos.
Additionally, we will create pre and post procedure instructional videos approved by a patient’s surgeon or specialist that a patient can watch at home prior to calling a doctor when they forget the instructions given in the office. That will save a lot of time for doctors offices and improve recovery outcomes.

Who is behind True Health MD? How do you make sure your content is medically correct?

The information is vetted by physicians in the specialty discussed and is mainstream medicine not opinions. It is meant to complement the provider patient relationship and not replace it.

Can’t people just go to places like you tube and web md to get this information?

This is a yes/no answer. When one googles or searches a disease one gets up to several million hits. Most sites are not reputable, contain too much information at best and erroneous information at worst, and is not necessarily vetted.

Additionally most sites are text in nature and is overloaded with often hidden advertising.

The concept here is vetted, free of clutter and advertising, easily understood audiovisual content approved by the person you trust- your doctor, without going thru hundreds of slides to get your information.

How is the product affected by the affordable care act?

There is no direct affect except for some aspects leveraged in the providers favor. We are seeing counseling starting to be paid – such as obesity counseling and chronic disease self-management. We have created videos for that already. It will help the provider meet aspects of his/her educational objectives for which a provider can bill. We also will allow providers to discuss complex issues in less time and make for a more complex office visit which may qualify for higher reimbursement. Certainly the diets will allow a provider to educate patients and meet quality matrix without having to repeat the same speech over and over again.